Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out ARF’s new website!

There are a lot of things worth highlighting in the new design:

[unordered_list style=”tick”]
  • Improved readability. With a clean font and consistent formatting, the site is now easier than ever to read!
  • Easier navigation. The navigation menu has been moved to a standard location and reduced in the number of things it contains.
  • Mobile-friendly. Whether you’re visiting the site from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, the site dynamically adapts to them all.
  • Increased Social Media visibility. ARF has always used social media, but it’s been hard to find. Now it’s easy to follow ARF on Facebook, Twitter, and RSS.
  • Social Media integration. From easily allowing visitors to share ARF on social media to automatically publishing new articles from the website, social media is now fully integrated into the site.
  • Increased visibility of the animals. The animals looking for their forever homes are what ARF is all about, and the dogs and cats have their own pages to shine on and a featured pet is shown on each page.
  • Google friendliness. The more that Google likes your site the higher it will rank in search results, which translates to more people becoming aware of ARF and the animals in its care.
  • Online forms. Prospective pet adopters can now fill out and submit their applications from the website.
  • Events calendar. Visitors to the site can now easily see all of ARF’s great events quickly and easily.
  • Mailing list. Whether they sending in a contact form or clicking on a sign-up button, the website now allows ARF to build a mailing list to get the news out quickly and easily.[/unordered_list]

Quite a change, isn’t it?