Brave little Oreo (nicknamed Tucker) is ready for adoption! This 6 month old pup has overcome many obstacles in his short life. When just a baby, Oreo was unable to use his back legs and underwent many medical tests including a spinal tap and an MRI. He was diagnosed with canine distemper.


In Foster care, Oreo received extensive physical therapy using specially made equipment including a customized harness, an underwater treadmill and a wheeled walker. Supported both physically and emotionally, Oreo marched thousands of steps around his foster home, carried out daily exercises with great courage and achieved rock star status at weekly PT appointments. A team of caring and compassionate people have treated Oreo as the special puppy that he is.


Oreo experienced other adventures including lacrosse games, tag sales, car rides, the grocery store and even attended church service each Sunday! He also made many doggie friends and loves playing outside with dogs he has built friendships with.

With his loving foster family, ARF friends and doctors encouraging him all the way, Oreo endured all of his trials and tribulations with brave determination.


He proved, just as Three Dogs Training tells us, that patience and persistence pays off and that perfect isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

He proved that sometimes a little imperfection is just fine because an underdog is the best kind of dog there is.

Oreo is now walking, running and mastering stairs; he is healthy, happy, playful and full of love.

Oreo is truly a special puppy who is ready for a forever home where he will continue to win over the hearts of all who meet him. Because of his early disabilities, he has some lingering fears and while his foster home has done a lot, he will still need some extra socialization and confidence building in that area. He does not respond well to Cesar-esque techniques. He requires love, patience and guidance. The ARF trainer can help you with that.

We thank all those who have supported Oreo with donations and well wishes and hope you enjoy watching his journey!

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