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Oreo is ready for adoption!

Brave little Oreo (nicknamed Tucker) is ready for adoption! This 6 month old pup has overcome many obstacles in his short life. When just a baby, Oreo was unable to...... Read More

Lexi and her pups!

Lexi and her pups are some of the newest arrivals at the Beacon Animal Rescue Foundation. Please click here to read more about their journey to Beacon, and the great...... Read More

Update on Oreo!

ARF would like to share an update on everyone’s favorite little pup, Oreo. He’s had x-rays, an MRI and a spinal tap, and its been determined that he does not...... Read More

Meet Gabby!

his is Gabby! She loves spending time with people and walking around on your shoulder, as you can plainly see! Gabby is spunky kitty that loves to play with her...... Read More